Me on is an ambitious new website which aims to present recent research through short videos presented by the academics responsible. It also features more introductory videos talking about the general area of the research. Its not completely clear what their end goal is and how the website will develop, but I for one think the general idea is extremely worthwhile and interesting (update: they have explained their goals in the comments below!).

This week I got filmed by them, and produced one introductory video on cosmology and inflation, and one more technical one (though still accessible to the public I hope) on transport techniques for inflationary observables (see the last news item).

It was an interesting experience, and made me realise how hard just talking for a few minutes at a camera can be. I wish I’d done a little more preparation or scripted it, or just practiced it a few times! (only time for one take). But I hope there is something of interest in the videos, and I’ll certainly learn from the experience.