Pint of Science — hear about science, in the pub!


Pint of science is quite simply a wonderful idea. It combines two of my favourite things. Science. And the pub. What could be better?

Basically its a bunch of scientists excitedly sharing cutting edge research, in a pub! The audience can enjoy a beer with their science.

This year some wonderful people from Queen Mary (including cosmology PhD superstar Sophia Goldberg) have organised three nights of incredible talks in an amazing Spitalfields venue, from Monday 19th May – Wednesday 21st May. Topics include everything from Darwinian machine learning concepts, to awe-inspiring images of Saturn from the Cassini satellite. I’m talking cosmology on the Tuesday.

Look here for details of the Queen Mary talks. And here for tickets!


I’m pleased to say I’m visiting the University of Helsinki for a month. Thanks to Kari Enqvist and Sami Nurmi for the

So far I’ve been here just over a week, and am really enjoying it. Helsinki is a beautiful city (as the picture proves), and the cosmology group in the institute of physics is really great. All in all a wonderful place to get some work done.

Hopefully the visit will result in some joint publications with the guys in Helsinki, so watch this space….

Plus Magazine article

Recently I wrote a short article for the plus magazine (now part of the Millennium Mathematics Project at Cambridge) as part of David Berman‘s project to get QMUL researchers to describe their research there. Basically its a short introduction to cosmology.

I found it hard to write things in a simple way, and only got to set the scene for the research I do in the word limit available. Hopefully it’s helpful for people starting to think about cosmology for the first time. And I hope to add another article actually about cosmology research in Queen Mary soon….