Simple cosmology

I have a strong interest in outreach work and in the public understanding of science. I often give talks at outreach events and schools, and am always open to new opportunities to share my work, so please feel free to get in touch.

Here are a few things you might like to take a look at as a taster:

At this link is a description of what I’m working on, written for a grant application but in language the general public should be able to understand (more or less)……

Before reading you might be interested in a more basic short introduction to cosmology I wrote for the plus magazine (now part of the Millennium Mathematics Project at Cambridge) as part of David Berman‘s project to get QMUL researchers to describe their research there.

Finally I can’t resist linking to this video I love which vividly shows how huge the universe is. I often show it as part of an introductory talk on cosmology.